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Welcome to The Sisters in Law

Thanks for visiting! The Sisters in Law is an online platform for minority women in the legal profession.

I created this site as a resource for minority women in the law who are early in their legal careers. As women of color the micro aggression and challenges we face in our professional careers are often unique and at times, isolating. In my first years out of law school I relied heavily on my diverse network of strong, intelligent, and frankly, kick ass women. That sisterhood of support helped uplift me whenever I doubted myself, as I encountered difficulties at work, or when people's prejudice or ignorance left me perplexed and hurting. For me, picking up and navigating through obstacles is a little easier knowing that other women are out there doing the same, or have already succeeded.

The contributors on this platform will continue to rotate, so that you hear stories from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds. It is my sincere hope that we connect, encourage, and empower each other by sharing our struggles, our successes, and what we've learned along the way.

Cheers young attorney! We are rooting for you. Keep rising.

xo, Dominique

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