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Interesting Reads & Resources

What Does it Take to Build a Culture of Belonging?

Harvard Business Review

How to be Vulnerable at Work Without Spilling Everything

Brene Brown

The Prison Abolitionist Redefining What it Means to Win

The Cut 

4 Black women became classmates, roommates, and lifelong sisters. 

One of them is now a historic nominee for the Supreme Court

Brennan Center for Justice

State  Supreme Court Diversity report 2019

NALP Foundation

Women of Color: A Study of Law School Experiences


 2020 Bar Exam Debate 

Requiring a Bar Exam in 2020 Perpetuates Systemic Inequities in the Legal System

Mental health Summer 2020

Maintaining Professionalism in the Age of Black Death is 
A Lot

60 years after Ruby Bridges

An interview with Ruby Bridges: looking back and stepping forward

The Case for Reparations

"A Nation is both its credits ands its debits." Ta-Nehisi Coates' article for The Atlantic

What a Barrister Looks Like

A young Black woman's fight against racism in England's court system

A New Hippocratic Oath

Med students craft a new oath to fight racial injustice and misinformation

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